US Navy SEAL offers expert advice on how YOU can protect yourself, your property and your family!

Lt. Larry Yatch, retired US Navy SEAL, co-founder of the Sealed Mindset training program is here on to answer your questions on personal safety, home protection, and how to safeguard your assets and your family.

Episode 1: Origins, Mission and Top Priorities for Readiness
– Lt. Larry Yatch’s journey from Navy SEAL to premier security & preparedness trainer.
– Why functional fitness, mental preparedness and functional self-defense training are more important than weapons.
– How to make sure you learn the right kind of self-defense to really protect your family!

Episode 2: Navy SEAL Answers Viewer’s Questions
– How to defeat an unarmed attacker at close range!
– How to evade an armed threat at a distance!
– How to prevent your knife or gun from being used against you!
– How to harden your home to deter harm from an intruder!
– How many loaded weapons to keep in which rooms!

Episode 3: Own and Train to Use the Most Vital Tools for Survival!
– Non-Lethal Tools: What is the most important one to own & train with!
– Edged tools: What knives the Navy SEALS use and how to create a defensive shield with even a small knife!
– Firearms: What two types of firearms are the homeowner’s best protection and why, as well as what type of ammo to make sure you have!

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