The Armed Forces of Japan (jap. 自衛隊) called Self-Defense Forces. #Japan #Army #JSDF

Founded: 1 July 1954
Commander-in-Chief: Prime Minister Shinzō Abe
Minister of Defense: Takeshi Iwaya
Chief of Staff, Joint Staff: General Kōji Yamazaki

Military equipment:
Service pistols: SCK/Minebea 9mm Pistol (SIG SAUER P220) and H&K USP.
Submachine guns: Minebea 9mm Machine Pistol and H&K MP7.
Service rifles: Howa Type 89, Howa Type 64, M4 carbine, FN SCAR, Heckler & Koch G36 and HK417.
Sniper rifles: M24 and Howa Type 64 Sniper Rifle.
Light machine guns: Sumitomo MINIMI 5.56mm (FN Minimi)
General-purpose machine guns: NTK/Sumitomo Type 62, NTK/Sumitomo Type 74
Heavy machine guns: Sumitomo M2 12.7mm
Grenade launchers: Howa Type 96 40mm, Type 06 rifle grenade, M203 and M32A1.
Anti-tank: Howa 84RR, Nissan/IHI Aerospace 110mm LAM (Panzerfaust 3) and M72 LAW.

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