No seeds, no problem: Grow your emergency vegetable garden from store bought groceries. If you ever thought about a survival garden or a small prepper garden, start today.

Tutorial on how to germinate vegetables from the supermarket: cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, radish and sugar snap peas (more to follow).

If your garden centers are closed and you have no seeds, use your groceries to start with your emergency garden or practice your germination skills. Simple ideas to start growing quickly and have your own supply of fresh food at home.

# Easy to follow along: Vegetable gardening for beginners. #

If you have access to online delivery, try:
Survival garden seed pack:
10,000 seeds set:
Food garden starter set:
Bulk Vegetable Seeds (30x):

More material has already been filmed… stay tuned for updates and more types of vegetables. Keep learning, keep growing.

The Millenial Home.
Cape Town. 2020.

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