When Dying Light released back in 2015 it became one of the most unique zombie games ever created. Dying Light built on concepts and mechanics that were originally introduced in Techland’s previous game, Dead Island. Now that the game will most likely be a part of the PlayStation Plus lineup, many players will be revisiting Dying Light for the first time in awhile.

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For those that haven’t played Dying Light in years or have never played the game at all, the early hours could prove to be incredibly difficult. Players will need to be smart and resourceful while fighting the game’s zombies, while also having a decent grasp of the parkour mechanics. This game will help players grow accustomed to Dying Light.

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Avoid The Ground in Dying Light

It is incredibly important that players stay on rooftops and other structures as often as possible while playing Dying Light. Zombies have a tendency to swarm and surround players who aren’t paying attention, and Virals will very easily corner players who are slowly moving around on the ground. Even if an area seems to be clear it should probably be avoided as its hard to know where zombies are hiding sometimes.

The upside is that Dying Light has a built-in parkour system that is interesting and fun to use. Players can use this mechanic as a way to avoid the busy streets and stay off the ground where most zombies can’t reach. It also makes running from Virals much easier as they can’t climb and jump as fast as the player can. Additionally, players will receive athletic points for doing parkour, so it is in their best interest to free-run as much as possible.


Capture Safe Houses ASAP in Dying Light

One of the most important things that players can accomplish early in the game is to unlock all the safe houses they possibly can. These small outposts are safe areas that players can escape to and avoid the zombie hordes. Players will also spawn to the nearest safe house when they die, so they won’t have to run all the way back from the main spawn point every time they die. Unlocking all the safe houses early on is a good way to level up as well since players will receive survivor points every time a safe house is unlocked.

Players should be warned though that unlocked a safe house usually involves clearing out a pretty tough group of zombies. Players who are under-equipped or under-leveled should scope out the area before attempting to unlock a safe house. If the area seems to tough those players should try to grind a little bit or find some stronger weapons.


Unlock The Right Skills in Dying Light

One of the worst things that can happen to a player in Dying Light is to break their last weapon in the middle of combat. Doing so isn’t just annoying, but can also be a death sentence if there isn’t an easy way to escape the horde pursuing the player. The trick to ensuring that players can survive these situations is to unlock the correct combat and traversal skills. The most important are as follows:

Leg Breaker- This skill will be found in the agility tree and can only be accessed once players have acquired the slide ability.  Having Leg Breaker will allow players to slide right through any zombies in their path, while also dealing a decent amount of damage. It’s perfect for escaping hairy situations and knocking Virals off their feet.


Stomp- Players will quickly learn that kicking enemies is a great way to clear some room as it can knock enemies to the ground and doesn’t use up any stamina. Players who acquire Stomp from the power tree will have the ability to kick fallen enemies to death though. It is a fast and efficient way to finish off downed or climbing enemies and doesn’t degrade any of the player’s weapons.

Vault- This is one of the best skills in the entire game. Once players snag this one from the agility tree they will be able to leap over any zombies in their path. This is an incredible way to avoid hordes and put space between players and enemies. This ability can even be leveled up to allow for a quick stun kill that is perfect for dealing with zombies.


Complete Side-Missions in Dying Light

While the main story isn’t terrible, it is mostly just a backdrop for killing as many zombies as possible. With this in mind players that are interested in better storytelling would be better off completing Dying Light’s side-missions. These are usually much more interesting and ridiculous than the main story, and therefore more fun to complete.

The other reason to play these missions is that players will gain earn a lot of experience points and rewards for completing them. There are all kinds of interesting weapons and collectibles that players will have earn throughout the game, and side-missions are by far one of the most interesting ways to do so.


Go Outside at Night in Dying Light

One of the very first things that Dying Light teaches players that they should not go outside. Players should disregard this advice almost immediately. Being outside at night is definitely dangerous, as players will have to avoid the horrifying monsters that roam at night, but there are some serious advantages that come with being outside after the sun goes down.

Just for traveling around outside at night earns players more experience than they would during the day time. Players who want a more serious boost though can try to run away from Volatiles. These super-fast and aggressive zombies are capable of killing players in just a few blows, but players will receive an immense experience boost for avoiding them. Players who can manage to kill one will gain even more experience as well. The best thing about night time though is that any time that players die, they will not lose experience points. That means that there are no real repercussions to being outside after dark.


Hold off on Repairing Weapons in Dying Light

Making sure that weapons are top-notch is an important aspect of Dying Light. As players use their melee weapons they will eventually lose durability and break. Once broken these weapons are basically useless at dealing damage to any of the infected the player encounters. Those weapons will have to be repaired first before being used again. It is either that or players will need to track down a brand new weapon as fast as possible.

Players shouldn’t just repair their weapons whenever though. It is extremely important to wait until weapons are completely broken before trying to repair them. Each weapon can only be repaired a certain amount of time, so repairing them too soon is a waste of a good weapon. This is even more important for very strong weapons that players want to hold on to for as long as possible.


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Dying Light can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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